Talk at NTI Sundsvall: Making Magic Possible – things I learned running games studios

This is a talk I gave at the NTI Sundsvall, who was kind enough to invite me to talk to their students. I was honoured to share some insights into what I learned while running studios and teams over the last decade.

My slides usually are very visual, because I like to use them just as a reference for the story I like to tell. But hopefully there are some interesting points in there.

Let me know if you agree or disagree, I’d love to have a conversation about any of these topics.

Have a great day, K.

Cloud gaming panel

The fine people at Pocketgamer Connects trusted me with another panel to moderate, this time with the topic of “How Will Cloud Gaming & New Platforms Change Gaming?”.

It’s quite a big field, with a lot to talk about, and I was honoured to have some industry heavy hitters on the panel that shed some light on what cloud gaming is, how HTML5 and streaming differs, and what this all means for developers.

Check out the recording HERE

And the winners are…

my amazing team of Paladin Studios!

Last Thursday saw the revival of the Dutch Games Awards, which happened again for the first time after 4 years.

Paladin Studios snagged the two super important awards of Best Game Design and Best Game for our exclusive Nintendo Switch title “Good Job!”.

The organising team did such an amazing job in putting together a stellar evening, creating a super cool award (those birds are awesome), and bringing together the who’s who of the Dutch Industry.

We even made national news here in The Netherlands.

It is so important that we as an industry celebrate the creators of the games that enable us to do what we love. I am so proud of my team, and what they create every day, and am happy to be able to contribute my small part to it.

If you don’t know Good Job! yet, check out the trailer here, it’s so much fun.

I can not wait to see the next game out we are working on right now 🙂

Oh hello, welcome back Interplay?

Sometimes they come back 🙂 In this case, I’d love to see what the (new) Interplay crew comes up with. I have some very fond memories of games like Bard\s Tale. Descent (what a revelation to see real 3D back then!), Messiah, and many more.

Wishing the new Interplay all the very best and success!

PGC Online #6 April 2021 is up on Youtube, catch it while it’s hot

As mentioned, I had the pleasure and honour to moderate a couple panels again last month for Pocketgamer Connects.

This is always a highlight for me, not the least because I always learn something myself while talking to a bunch of smart people about topics that matter.

We started talking about Covid-19, the pandemic, and what impact it has on our industry, already back at the previous event, and continued looking forward a bit on this event as well.

Let me know what you think, I’m curious if these conversations are interesting and what topics we should touch on next.

Cheers, stay safe!

Time to meet!

Nah, not in person, but the next best thing is coming up next week, another Pocket Gamer Connects digital event #6.

It’s going to be a full week for me, with a panel moderation on Monday (The Game Business Post-vaccine: A New Path to Normality), the Big Indie Pitch on Tuesday, and another panel moderation on Wednesday (Building a Company with Investment in Mind).

I have some amazing panelists and am really looking forward to it. The BIP is always a highlight for me too. Should be a fun week.

If you are interested or working in mobile, PC or crypto games or e-sports come join and register HERE, it will be worth your time!

See you on Zoom.

It’s Launch Day!

A year ago Paladin was proudly announcing a new game release. Well, it’s April and here we are  bringing out the cake again!

I could not be prouder and more happy to tell the world about our newest launch: 

Cut the Rope Remastered is out today on #AppleArcade:

This labor of love created by our awesome team is a true gem, and I can not wait to hear what you think about it. Playing with Om Nom on a big screen with AppleTV is such a different experience, it feels like a true console game, but of course it’s fun on any iOS device and Mac as well.

I like to wholeheartedly thank everyone involved in creating the game here at #paladinstudios. I am so proud of what you guys made, in record time and stellar quality, and under the most challenging circumstances. 

Smack dab in the middle of a global pandemic, the team was able to start and finish a new project, working fully remote. This also was our most ‘global’ project yet, with team members spanning the globe from Europe to South America and India.

Big thanks go to our partner Zeptolab, which has been such a joy to work with, met us with an unprecedented amount of trust, and let us play with their beloved brand Om Nom.

And massive thanks to the Apple Arcade team who helped us realize this project, and the valuable input and guidance along the way.

This has been a real dream project in so many ways, and I can’t wait to see what the players say.

If you are interested in working with us on your brand, or want to know what we do developing original IP, let’s talk! We are currently evaluating our next project(s) and are happy to discuss what you are looking for.

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Today is a fun day!

I have the privilege and honour to judge in the Big Indie Pitch. More information HERE.

This is always a highlight of the month for me. Seeing a great mix of aspiring indie devs and seasoned developers making their dream (games) come true is inspiring and a ton of fun.

Check out the competition and the winners at

Thanks PGC, it’s been a blast again!

Oh yeah, it’s been a while, nice to see you again!

And the world is a different place now for sure. Or is it?

Since the year is young, I thought it’s time again to start reviving this here site. It’s quite dusty, but if you found it, happy to have you here!

2020 is behind us, and a couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure and honor to moderate a panel at Pocketgamer Connects. A group of awesome panelists, from very diverse professional and company backgrounds in the industry, tried to shed some light on what all of us learned, and how that might affect us in the industry going forward. You can find the recording soon on YT and I will link it here.

Over the last 18 months I enjoyed moderating panels at lot at PGC, which is one of the best (now virtual) conference series out there. If you are interested in my ramblings, and what I got out of my various panelists on certain topics, have a look below:

Panel session: Pitching to Publishers [ RoundTable]

A RoundTable session all about pitching to publishers. I joined my distinguished colleagues to offer advice and insight you’ll need to ensure your projects are pitch-perfect.

Panel: Reasons to Push the Limits – How can we Take Advantage of Next Gen Capabilities? PGCD #2

In this panel from the Big Screen Gaming track at Pocket Gamer Connects Digital #2 on June 11 2020, our experts discuss how we can take advantage of next generation console capabilities.

Talk: Changing Business Models in the Games Industry – Plotting a path in interesting times

I’m talking about how we navigate through the ever changing environment in the games industry

Talk: Business Development for Indies

I am talking about business development and sales tactics for independent developers, give insights into how metrics work in that area, and give tips on best practices.

Alright, enough for now. We are preparing to launch a new game with Paladin, and I am so super extra excited about it! Of course, all secret till it’s not, but I hope I can give out the news very soon on this channel as well 🙂

Stay healthy, stay sane, and I see you around soon!