Why Walking Squid?

When leaving the corporate life in 2009, I needed a catchy URL and name for my consulting business. Even back then, good URL names had been hard to come by. I am intrigued by Squids and their abilities to adapt, the URL was available, and a playful logo designed, so Walking Squid happened.

Like Squids, being smart about challenges, adapting to situations, and coming up with sometimes unconventional and surprising solutions, I help clients navigate the business of games and digital entertainment, in an ever changing environment.

Helping you focus

Based on more than 2 decades of experience in executive and operational roles throughout large, global organizations as well as small and agile teams I understand the issues and obstacles both types of companies face, and can help you overcome them.

With a broad background in the games industry for more than 20 years, that includes Operational and Strategic Management, Marketing, Business Development and Concept Development for Games on all platforms (from PC to online to Console) and Mobile applications, I bring a unique insight to the table.

My speciality skills and experience are in the MMO, Mobile games and cross media space. I have been making games since 1994, worked on my first MMO game back in 2000, am involved in mobile games development since 2004 and am currently actively supporting analytics companies, start-up in the health food technology, and games sector, and am advising multiple other clients on strategy, marketing and operational management.

I have been working on more than 50 titles successfully positioned in markets around the globe. I’m a member of IGDA and a regular speaker on topics of mobile games, marketing and media convergence at events around the world like GDC, GC, Pocketgamer Connects, XML and Dubai World Games Summit.

I represented Nokia on the board of governors of MI6, the only games marketers organization (chaired by Peter Moore), and am currently involved in a number of executive advisory boards for games industry initiatives in Canada and the Middle East.

In 2008 I had the distinct honor to be the inaugural keynote speaker at the Dubai World Games conference and exhibition, and am serving on the Executive Board of Advisors for the event which is under the patronage of H.H. Sheik Rashid Al Maktoum.

Over the last years I have been active in senior executive roles for several international clients in North America, among them VP Business Development for Paladin (a leading independent studio from The Netherlands, General Manager for Perfect World EU, CEO for PointMMO (a technology startup in digital distribution and marketing realm), GM North America for Gameforge/Frogster, VP BD for Crowdpark Inc. (a social games start-up funded by Earlybird), Head of Marketing for NOKIA Games Publishing, and CEO for Games Academy Vancouver.

My time at General Electrics Industrial Systems in Europe and North America allowed me to gain extensive experience and knowledge in project management and product development. During that time I co-filed a marketing patent that got introduced into a wide range of industrial products.

An entrepreneur at heart, and previous co-founder of companies in the games, boating, education and P2P banking space, I am currently serving on several advisory boards and start-up company boards, and have been actively involved in a leading role in fundraising for Seed and Series A rounds in North America, Europe and South East Asia.

Depending on the scope of your project I have an extended roaster of expert professionals which I partner with, that can be brought into the team.


On the road again in 2019

Happy New Year! As usual the year will kick off with one of my favourite events, Pocket Game Connects in London (21.-23. January). I’m looking forward to meeting old friends and new acquaintances, and if you like to meet, please reach out through the official meeting tool or simply drop me a message here.

What I do



Starting a new company is one of the most exciting, daunting and ultimately utmost rewarding things you will do in your life.
Having the right partners on your side from the start is a huge advantage. Typically I can act as a coach in one or several areas, or fully take on responsibility for certain aspects of your company. 
I am actively supporting a number of start-ups in the entertainment, medical science/technology, internet and games space, and offer a number of services to help you get started and to the next level:

-Strategic advice and planning support. What step to take and in which direction.
– Concept reviews and market study for your game, application or service.
– Management coaching and funding round preparation/support.
Preparation of superior materials for your publisher or investor pitch – get that funding or investment and present yourself and your project right.
– Business Development  support – make the right connections in the European, North American, Middle Eastern and Asian market, and understand the differences in culture, player behavior and content.
– Strategic portfolio and product planning.
– F2P monetization strategy and revenue model development.
– Brand, Marketing and GoToMarket plan consulting and support.
– Incorporation in Canada and the US, support in gathering a great advisory board.


What makes Free 2 Play games and mobile tick, and how will you make money with them?

I am able to help you develop a unique business and revenue model for your game, help you with forecasting your business metrics and optimize your product to make it work.

This is an essential tool that will also help you raise funding for your start-up.

How can I build a brand and get the word out for my product? What kind of people do I want to target and how can I do that?

Typically these are questions that arise early in the life of a product. I can help you answer them and many others and set your product and brand on course to succeed.

From comprehensive marketing plans to use case studies, you can rely on mine and my networks expertise for all your marketing solutions.


Is your game or application ready to go mobile?

Going mobile sounds easy, it is not. A mistake often made is a 1:1 translation from online/offline to mobile, which rarely translates into success.

Working with one of the biggest hardware and software companies in the mobile space as well as many small and growing mobile studios allows me a unique insight into what makes games and applications successful.

I can develop and provide concepts and detailed use studies for your mobile app.

With my extensive experience and background in mobile applications and games, I offer to review your application or game, be at at the idea stage, concept stage, in production, or launched.

Depending on the scope we agree on, you get a detailed review, and recommendations on improvements.

Rates vary, and start with a short, initial assessment up to a full product review including recommendations.

I can work with your team on the final design and implementation of the improvements.

Have a great idea, but don’t know how to turn it into a product?

I also offer write-ups on the initial product scope and description based on your idea.
My wide network of experienced developers can turn your vision into a revenue generating product. I can be involved in producer/product management/project management role in this stage as well.

Please get in touch for further details.


  • Are you an investor and need an experienced manager to guide your new start-up to success?
  • Are you a start-up looking for funding and an experienced leader to guide you through the next phase in your growth?

I have extensive knowledge and experience in leading teams, and companies in a wide range of stages, from small to 80+ in size.

Whether it is working alongside a founders team or existing management, or taking on a critical role in the company myself, I am dedicated to making your business a success.

My services range from short-term engagements to a full-time employment over a longer period of time. The initial scope for the latter typically spans at least 6-12 months.

Please get in touch for references and check out the projects section.


  • Did you raise your first round of funding and are ready for the next step in your growth?
  • Are you taking the leap from Start-Up to corporation?
  • Are you expanding your product portfolio or team?

A company, no matter how small or big, can only be as effective as the processes it runs on. Be it an open, agile framework with a minimum of layers, or a more stringent set of systems – being able to identify, define and improve the driving forces behind your daily business is critical.

I can help you navigate these challenges, and provide you with analytical insight as well as hands-on improvement suggestions. Support on implementation of improvements and ongoing monitoring could also be included in the scope of our partnership.


Every investment is different, and every one of them brings their unique challenges. Having been part of multiple successful start-up companies, I bring an understanding of the hurdles that companies face, as well as a breadth of solutions to overcome them.
My clients value my input from a fresh, independent point of view, hands-on approach, and meticulous quest to make them successful.

Among the services I offer are:

– Portfolio and product investment evaluation.
– Brand and franchise development consulting.
– Strategic networking and project acquisition.
– Executive management service (CEO, COO, CMO).
– Founder coaching and Advisory Board participation.


I bring extensive experience to your team, both from a developers as well as a publisher’s perspective. I know what is important and moves the players on both sides of the equation, and can help you succeed. Some examples of what I can do for you:

– Strategic catalogue and product planning.
– Evaluation of new products and studio/catalogue partners.
– Brand and franchise strategy across multiple platforms.
– Business development and Licensing support (NAM, EU, EMEA, APAC).
– Plan the extension of your brand and products into the mobile space.
– Operational management coaching and consulting.
– Process development and improvement.


I have been part of organizing events in the games and entertainment space for a number of years. I actively managed and supported small and large size events (> 1000 people) on a consumer and corporate level. Among them was the first Dubai World Game Event in Dubai, under the patronage of HH Sheik Rashid Al Maktoum, where I served as the inaugural keynote speaker and advisory board member.
Throughout my career I also enjoyed many speaker roles across the world, on high-profile industry events like XML and GDC, on topics ranging from mobile and games, to production of digital media, and marketing.
If your company or event likes to bring on an experienced speaker covering a broad range of topics in digital media, combined with hands-on knowledge and experience, or you are looking for a strategic networking partner or valuable advisory board member, I would be happy to discuss my potential involvement.


You can reach me through the contact form below, or catch me on any of the upcoming events I will attend (check the blog).